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Develop your  programming skills with MTB 


Do you want to learn networking?

Cloud Computing

transport computing services over the cloud

Computer Security

Learn to protect computer operating structures


This course covers programming from scratch. We’ve been given a completely unique technique as we like to give an explanation for the concepts step by step so you can completely recognize the way it works. The course isn’t an alternative for conventional coding boot camps wherein you study full-stack development, however, it is an in-depth programming course that teaches you the center concepts from the consolation of your pc and speaks to you at your personal pace.


Computer networking guides and teach students to connect with local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), and wireless variations of each type. They additionally learn how to join hardware gadgets and install Internet access. These capabilities can follow lots of careers. capabilities found out in networking lessons are precious to network engineers, programmers, and consultants (onetcenter.org). Classes can be geared closer to Unix or Windows systems and lead closer to certification within the field.

Cloud Computing

It is a brand new rising generation and has a vibrant destiny. To stable your function in a company workspace, it’s far vital to research new concepts which might be having future needs withinside the sector. Security of data is the primary subject amongst companies. It has created excessive worries withinside the IT industry and managing databases with integrity is another extreme that must be met. So, in case you are dedicated to providing secure services and need to paintings ethically, cloud computing is the proper preference for you.

Computer Security

Computer Security examines programs that train you in a way to protect computer operating structures, networks, and data from cyber-assaults. You’ll discover ways to monitor systems and mitigate threats once they happen. This is an oversimplification of IT protection degrees’ curricula. Each module could have a sure focus, but the overall aim is that will help you develop the computing skills needed to prevent attacks and shield people’s data and privacy.






First of all, when a new student comes, we see his interest, in which field he is more interested and we provide him education according to his interest.

When a new student comes to us, we also keep in mind that he understands more practical things or theoretical. And on the basis of that we try to understand it.

We give a maximum number of practical questions to the student according to each topic so that his ability can be increased further.

We provide such notes related to each topic, which makes it easy for the students to read and remember it.

We keep the students of our institute updated with every new technology so that they never lag behind in their field.

We try to solve every question of our students as soon as possible and keep in mind the maximum time that any type of error they solve themselves.


Gorish Mittal

I am a member of MTB family from two years. The word family absolutely suits MTB. Because of its friendly environment and supported teachers. With almost every course related to computer and networking and best faculties. One of the trusted institutes of Sri Ganganagar.

Mahak Arora

The institute provides multifold technical courses to choose from and each course is taught with articulation and strategically that it is easy to follow and grasp.

The growth opportunities are a deal as I myself got an offer to work for a renowned company named Cvent.

Joining Multitech Bulls Technologies for enhancing skills or learning a new skill would be a magnificent choice.

Vasu Kataria

It was overwhelming to be a part of the institute with such an educational realm.

The learning opportunities being laid down by the institute are profound, letting the students explore their interests in different technologies with full practical and hands-on experience

One could join Multitech Bulls Technologies for both professional and personal growth and development.

Vaibhav Aggrawal

Multi tech bulls provides a very positive environment for students interested in programming, coding and other computer classes. There are variety of students studying here and many whom I met are pursuing abroad education so You get to meet new people who have similar goals and objectives. MTB also provides with practical experiences connecting students with companies so that they get exposure and are better off. The coaches here are very frank and friendly and are always ready to help. They have made programming fun for me which I used to find very tough. I have been lucky to grab the opportunity of studying at MTB.

Vinit Jindal

Multitech bulls is the best place to enhance your IT skills. A good atmosphere with a friendly environment and supported teachers helps to grasp and learn things in comfort.

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Integrated Marcom Offerings 

  • Photoshop
  • Computer Basic
  • Network +
  • CCNA
  • CCNP
  • MCSE
  • RHCE
  • Azure | AWS
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Computer Hardware
  • C, C++ Language
  • Java (OCPJP)
  • Android Application
  • Data Analysis
  • Python Language
  • Machine Learning
  • Java Script
  • Big Data (HADOOP)
  • Web Design
  • Kotlin
  • Python
  • Full Stack Developer
  • CEH v10
  • Certified Security Analyst
  • Certified Security Programmer
  • Computer Hacking   Investigator Pentesting

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