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What you will learn?

Computer Security examines programs that train you in a way to protect computer operating structures, networks, and data from cyber-assaults. You’ll discover ways to monitor systems and mitigate threats once they happen. This is an oversimplification of IT protection degrees’ curricula. Each module could have a sure focus, but the overall aim is that will help you develop the computing skills needed to prevent attacks and shield people’s data and privacy.

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Cybersecurity has slowly converted into an evergreen industry. Like air pollutants became a derivative of the commercial revolution, cyber-attacks are a similar by-product of the virtual revolution. Keeping this case in mind, and searching on the advances we’ve made as a community since the invention of the internet, I think it’s an obvious conclusion that Cybersecurity as a viable profession choice is right here to stay. With the appearance of subjects like Big Data, the Internet of Things, and Cloud Computing the everlasting stature of Cybersecurity and the importance of its significance has been thoroughly set in stone. So if you want to examine cybersecurity in today’s age, it’s actually an excellent idea. For the ones of you, who aspire to tour the globe, cybersecurity may simply be an appropriate profession path. Thousands of home-grown cybersecurity specialists or running to guard businesses, government agencies, and trendy consumers.




Security is always


Until it’s not enough

Cybersecurity has become a key area of job growth in the last few years, which has resulted from an influx of people opting for a Cybersecurity career.

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The training offered by us :-


A cybersecurity firewall is a network protection device that can both be a hardware or software program that protects the trusted network from unauthorized access from outside networks and outside threats. It makes use of the mechanism of filtering of records through the usage of a described set of guidelines rules, that assist restrict access to the programs and systems. It acts as a gatekeeper and monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic. Any unique traffic, with inside the form of requests for get entry to, requests for data, to a useful resource at the back of the firewall and in the trusted network, might be inspected, analyzed and is permitted to skip or blocked based on pre-described security rules

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Secure Computer User  

The motive of the SCU education program is to offer individuals with the essential knowledge and abilities to guard their data assets. This class will immerse students into interactive surroundings wherein they’ll collect essential knowledge of various pc and network safety threats including identity theft, credit card fraud, online banking phishing scams, virus and backdoors, emails hoaxes, loss of personal facts, hacking assaults, and social engineering. More importantly, the capabilities learned from the class help students take the essential steps to mitigate their safety exposure.

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Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking may be described as the hacking of computer systems executed with permission. Ethical Hacking is a system of locating vulnerabilities in a computer system to gain unauthorized access and carry out malicious activities. These activities range from deleting system documents to stealing touchy information. However, hackers are often employed by renowned software agencies to hack into their systems/servers to discover vulnerabilities and weak endpoints so they may be fixed. Such people, who hack right into a machine with permission, with no malicious intent, are called ethical hackers and the method is called ethical hacking. If you’re good at computer software and its uses, then you may consider a profession in Ethical hacking. To analyze ethical hacking and pursue a profession in it, one should recollect pursuing a ethical hacking course.

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Forensic Investigator

This course enables beginners to collect fundamental expertise of tools and strategies to conduct forensic investigations, detailing all aspects of digital forensics from detecting an intruder’s footprints, to taking vital preventive steps, and properly gathering and processing the proof to prosecute withinside the court of law. The course pursuits to train beginners about numerous research tools, eDiscovery, digital evidence collection, evidence preservation, email research and recovery, email and IP tracking, encryption, and decryption methods, seek and seizure of computers, recovering deleted evidence, and password cracking.

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Integrated Marcom Offerings 

  • Photoshop
  • Computer Basic
  • Network +
  • CCNA
  • CCNP
  • MCSE
  • RHCE
  • Azure | AWS
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Computer Hardware
  • C, C++ Language
  • Java (OCPJP)
  • Android Application
  • Data Analysis
  • Python Language
  • Machine Learning
  • Java Script
  • Big Data (HADOOP)
  • Web Design
  • Kotlin
  • Python
  • Full Stack Developer
  • CEH v10
  • Certified Security Analyst
  • Certified Security Programmer
  • Computer Hacking   Investigator Pentesting