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Wireless Solution

Many enterprises and schools are turning to corporate wireless connectivity, which allows information to be readily available, irrespective of employee location, be it in-house or on the move.
Wireless technology is all about empowerment, enabling corporations to be available 24/7 and workers being able to access networks anytime, anywhere.
We help you maximize the communications infrastructure and strategy and in doing so under a high security level, we deliver solutions that allow you to reduce costs and improve productivity.

Network Security Solution

A breach in network security can cost enterprises a great deal in losing assets in terms of data, knowledge, productivity and even customer loyalty. In dynamic cyber era, IT workers are facing tremendous threats like virus attacks, data interception, Trojan horse programs, vandals, denial of services attacks, intrusion attacks, and social issues, from which enterprises can prevent by adopting solid network security strategy along with an all-rounded implementation plan. With extensive experience in deploying network infrastructure, NEC provides a wide range of network security tools

Want to Improve Connection With A High-Performance Network?

Network framework is at the focal point of business advancement. Clients require quick, solid, and secure Network foundation to team up, form, and develop. From an independent company LAN to big business level SDWAN, our teams meld networking best practices with innovation to build the best solution for our clients.

Our master level-just Network engineers plan and convey secure custom-built networks for organizations that increment efficiency and lessening working expenses. Ensure your information, empower development, and help users utilize your network resources securely and efficiently with high-performance network connectivity


Nowadays, a well design network is one of the most important issues for enterprise and school campus. An enterprise network infrastructure involve the data, voice, image, and video over the LAN (Local Area Network), MAN (Metropolitan Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network), Intranet, Internet and Extranet and also include the areas of security, application, etc. Thus, a well-designed, well-implemented, and well-maintained network system is essential for an organization to achieve successful business. With the team of professionals, NEC takes the role in designing, integrating and managing complex communications networks.

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Your Network Is Your Net Worth


The modern Network Campus has evolved greatly in recent years. The traditional layered network with Cleary defined boundaries between, LAN, SD-WAN, Wifi, Access Control and Visibility is blending into something resembles more of a modern data center. Think of it as a stitched fabric that stretches across and unifies these traditionally siloed components

With that in mind, the design of any new or refreshed network takes on a different discussion. The focus shifts from ports and speeds to user mobility, site to site consistency, end to end security tracking the ability for users to auto-register their own devices onto the network. All the while, ensuring your security risk remains intact.


Your network infrastructure is the backbone of your entire organization—and that’s why you need a network that can handle anything your users throw at it. With our Network Transformation Services, we can help you build a reliable, agile, and secure network that won’t hold you back..







Our team is trained to design, setup and install the following comprehensive solutions:

LAN and WAN infrastructure

A network infrastructure that provides access to users and end devices in a small geographical area.

Enterprise Wireless

A  wireless network is built for a digital world delivering a secure, scalable wireless architecture that is easier to deploy and manage.

Virtualisation Technologies

Virtualization relies on software to simulate hardware functionality and create a virtual computer system.

Enterprise Storage

Maintenance, Upgrades, Performance Management , Transformation/Migration

WAN Optimisation

WAN optimization is a collection of techniques for improving data transfer across wide-area networks.

2-Factor Authentication

With 2-Step Verification, you’ll protect your account with both your password and your phone. An extra layer of security.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and  without direct active management by the user.

Next-Generation Firewall

A next-generation firewall (NGFW) is a part of the third generation of firewall technology


Your data center makes your business processes possible. Ensure data center long-term health and security with a DC health check from Connection. If you’re looking to improve the security of traffic flows within your data center or hoping to transition to a public cloud or hybrid environment, Connection’s microsegmentation roadmap can get you there.

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Wide Area Network

Is your IT department struggling to keep up with the complexities of their WAN environment? Automized WAN delivers reduced costs, improved visibility, a consistent application experience, and segmented security for compliance. Gain back IT hours and capitalize on the promise of the multi-cloud environment with routing services or Software-Defined WAN from Connection.

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Voice and Video

Communication is crucial to any organization. Connection voice and video can help you upgrade or implement a system that ensures you have the connectivity you need now and into the future. We work with you to unify voice and video across your organization and build upon the existing foundation of your network infrastructure. If you’re building from scratch, count on Connection to help you decide if an on-premises or Unified Communications as a Service (UCaas) system best meets your needs.

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In recent years, the promise of cloud computing has become increasingly compelling for many types of workloads. You want to be sure you make the right choice between AWS, Azure, and keeping parts of your IT infrastructure on-premises. Additionally, any cloud migration has to happen with minimal disruptions, and costs have to be kept under control.Navigate the growing complexities of moving workloads to the cloud with our Cloud Services. Our experts can help you understand all of your options and ensure your cloud deployment makes the most sense for your organization—and your budget.

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You know you need to protect against threats from multiple angles, but it can be difficult to ensure your security plan is as comprehensive as it needs to be. Our Cybersecurity Services are designed to take over that burden and help you design and manage a security strategy that covers your entire organization, as well as meets any necessary compliance standards.

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